amplify :

to make larger, greater, stronger; to extend or enhance.

City Football Club intends to manage the development of each football player to the minutest detail, in order to bring about full-scale performance enhancement – both mentally and physically.

At City FC, an AMP is considered to be a Club unit of measure that can influence performance. This can be anything — good foot hygiene, to the running mechanics which lead to top speed performance.

If something can be made better, or somehow amplified, then CFC aims to do just that.

Consider this simply math: If 1% incremental improvements occur 100 times over various measurements, that translates to a 100% improvement from the starting point. Therefore, we must consider every single AMP of effort when trying to improve performance.

The AMP team will be using proven methods and their own experience to cover areas such as:

Strength & Conditioning

Mental Preparedness & Skills

Diet &


Sleep &

AMP sessions will be delivered during training sessions in coherence with a strict periodised plan, in the classroom through engaging presentations to both athlete and parent, and on the CFC website as a study resource or amplification tool.

The AMP mindset makes CFC players believe that everything can be improved, providing that there is the dedication to improve, because we all possess the ability to achieve whatever we want in life.

Dedicate yourself to CFC’s AMP program, and you'll be amazed what you can do..!!