City Football Club’s COLLEGE ELITE pathway is designed to support exceptional student-athletes, where academics and football support each other hand-in-hand, in order to create a platform where every player’s true potential on- and off-the-pitch can be holistically joined to provide an exceptional educational and football playing opportunity beyond CFC.

Close Club engagement with player academic faculty and guidance counselors, provides a solid support program to all student-athletes who have the desire to apply to USA-based universities whilst continuing their football (soccer) journey. CFC also organises private SAT/ACT standardized test tutoring for its College Elite candidates, well in advance of when test taking occurs, in order that preparation off the pitch, is equal to that on the pitch. The SAT and ACT standardized tests are rigorous, and the final scores are critical to understanding what kind of 'fit' is ideal for a CFC player/scholar.

CFC coaches regularly attend a variety of USA university football-level showcases where coaches from Division 1, 2 and 3 universities spend time coaching, engaging and recruiting the next crop of aspiring student-athletes. Moreover, CFC coaches maintain close contact with over 75+ college coaches, that helps them understand where players may fit academically and as football players in the US collegiate system.

CFC’s extremely strong network of top coaching relationships encompass some of the USA’s largest and most prestigious university institutions including Stanford, University of Michigan, Georgetown University, Northwestern University, Yale University, Villanova University, and many many more.

USA university studying and playing opportunities span across all skill and scholastic levels of collegiate sports, where ongoing dialog and recruiting interest is communicated on a very regular basis with CFC coaches.

CFC’s coaching team strongly believes that the USA collegiate footballing path is the new “Making It..!

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